EFRA 1/8 Buggy LIVE

EFRA 1/8 Buggy Championship is live now at Sacile Ongaroring track. Click on the following link to follow live results. xracerlive.net LIVE STREAMING OTHER VIDEOS


DXR Dirt Kings 2019

A wonderful race is over, Davide Ongaro started in 1st place after he won TQ on all six qualify sessions, then Ryan Lutz won after a long battle with Davide Ongaro and Juan Carlos Canas took the third place. Comments from Davide Ongaro (Facebook): ...


March 23 Track opening

Saturday March 23 the "ongaroring" will open the track with the new layout deisgned by Davide and Mauro Ongaro. Welcome to everyone that would like to have a try in the new track will host the European Championship on 9-14th July.